Posted January 31 2023
Welcome to the Refreshed RA Capital

by Dave Cubeta


Frank Abagnale Sr. : You know why the Yankees always win, Frank?

Frank Abagnale, Jr. : ‘Cause they have Mickey Mantle?

Frank Abagnale Sr. : No, it’s ’cause the other teams can’t stop staring at those damn pinstripes.


The above exchange from the 2002 Steven Spielberg film Catch Me if You Can presents an interesting paradox.  Unsavory past of both the fictional and real life Abignales aside, could the quality of appearance really determine success?  There is some truth to the otherwise absurd premise – just not in baseball. (Go Padres!)

Appearances convey both respect and quality.  In many professions, investment banking included, you will not win a client because of your formal business attire, but you could very well lose one by being too casual.

With the value of appearances in mind, we welcome you to the refreshed RA Capital.  We are the same firm with over 30 years of history and over $60 billion in transactions. We have just spent time this past year to freshen up our look. New built-to-spec office and new website – both designed specifically to reflect the quality of our client service.

As you browse our website we invite you to check out some of the new sections – particularly For Owners where we provide a few topical videos, and Client Stories where you can see what some of our recent clients have said about us.   And if you are ever in the area, we would love to show off our new space.

We look forward to sharing more here soon.